If we’re not having fun, we’re not producing the best content for you. If we’re not having fun, that means chances are YOU’RE not having fun. If no one is having fun, what’s the point?!  We got one life, let’s make it worth it and enjoyable.


We believe you have what it takes

 The truth is, everything you have to reach your goals, to live your best life, it’s already within you. We have one simple goal: Help bring out your full potential. You already have what it takes, we just help you find it.


WE Are here to change the world

This starts with helping you change into your best self, yes. We believe if we continue to bring more light into the world, it will be a better place. We believe a more spiritual and conscious world will continue to grow and improve for everyone. But as we grow, we will donate profits towards other organizations that are here to change the world. We want to help end human trafficking, lower the poverty rate, and help St. Jude provides services to children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. We want a better world for everyone.


We love what we do

The people that change the world have a vision of a better world, but most importantly, they love what they do. We love thinking we’re making the world a better place. We love connecting with you. We love what we do and we’re never going to stop trying to serve.


WE don’t believe in mediocre

We don’t believe that you should live a mediocre life. We don’t believe we should create mediocre content or programs. No. Just no. We constantly strive to do our best in everything we do because we feel that energy will impact everyone who comes in contact with our business.


We believe in freedom

Every one of us was blessed with free-will. That’s why freedom is our highest value. We want YOU to experience the greatest amount of freedom available to you. A part of that means increasing your options by increasing your wealth. A part of that means increasing your vibe to live the life you want.


WE sell things we love

We love what we do, we love what we create, and we believe deep down in our bones that what we create will help people. So we only sell things we love because we know it will help change the world and it WON’T be mediocre. If we EVER promote a product or service that we didn’t create, it’s also because we absolutely love it and believe in it. Not only that, but we probably use it regularly! We’ll never sell anything just to make some extra cash. That’s not what we’re about.


that’s why we can give so much free content

We know not everyone is ready to jump into a course, a program, or attend a live event. We know not everyone is in a place to commit to that kind of  investment. We know because we’ve been there too. That’s why what we sell helps us create free content. We want to help you improve no matter what stage you’re at. And when you’re ready to buy, you can be confident you’re  getting something that will help because it already has.


WE’re honest and authentic

Ian’s social media handles are @RealIanSneed because his goal is to give you a REAL representation of who he is. He’s not perfect, none of us are. That’s why it’s part of our value set to be honest and authentic through every stage of what we do. We want you to trust us because you know EXACTLY who you’re working with.


We believe we’re in this together

The law of one can be explained many different ways, and one of those is that everything one of us does impacts everyone else. Our personal growth improves the world around us. And your personal growth does the same. That’s why we believe we’re all in this together, we’re all one global community. We have a responsibility to each other.


WE love you

We don’t care if you’re a customer, a follower, a stranger, a hater- it don’t matter. We love you. Unconditionally. If we didn’t love you unconditionally, that means we can’t love ourselves unconditionally. So instead of looking at the world as full of adversaries, we look at it as full of family. And we love our family. So share in this unconditional love and pay it forward when you can.


We draw lines and set boundaries

It’s a healthy, and very spiritual, practice to set boundaries. We let you know what we expect of you as customers, or followers (respect one another). We are happy to send disrespectful people on their path without us. We draw lines in the sand and make it clear what we provide and how we treat others and expect to be treated, It’s Important.


WE’re not for everyone

We get that, and it’s okay! We cuss, we bring a lot of masculine energy (which most “spiritual” people are scared to do for some reason), we call you our on your bullshit too. We’re NOT religious, but we’ll still mention religious figures. We’re Spiritual, but not everyone is. There’s a lof of people who won’t like us and you know what? That’s okay by us! We won’t take it personal. We’ll still love you. And if you share us with someone and they don’t like us, that’s okay because we already know, we’re not for everyone.