Ian’s  Story

In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground where… wait, that’s not right!

I’m sure you saw the “small-time gangster to Spiritual Badass” section on the homepage? Cool. I say ‘small-time’ because you’d never find me on a jury stand ratting people out for being blood and kidnapping or anything like that. We weren’t that crazy.

But it was close! Truth is, that doesn’t matter. Sure, I’ve been shot at. Yeah, people have tried to run me over with their cars. I do have some exciting stories, I can admit that, BUT THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT!

What’s important? Everyone has their struggles. You, me, your ex… but let’s not bring them up. If we all struggle, no matter the differences, what makes some people happy, wealthy, wise, and fun while others are broke, dramatic, miserable, and straight-up energy vampires?

All sorts of shit. Living ain’t easy, beezy! So what are you gonna do about it? Here’s where my story comes into the mix. I made the changes I needed to prosper in ways that matter to me. I started personal development. Graduated college (first in my family to graduate from a 4-year university… in 6 years). Built my own business. Embraced my spiritual development and holy Hindu cow was that a game changer!

Ian tries to bring joy wherever he goes

Now I incorporate Spiritual and Universal truths into everything I do. Why? Because they fucking work, son! I used to be skeptical AF. I’m a pragmatist. If it don’t work, I disregard it.

You know what that means? If you decide to join me on this fabulous journey called life, you’ll get the inside track on how to apply these same principles in your life and actually get results. BUT… there’s a downside.

1.) You actually have to do the work. Listening to me, reading my content, following me on social media, none of that will change your life. You have to apply some of what you consume in order to see results.

2.) Embracing spiritual growth is ugly. It’s not rainbows and unicorns. It’s not “life is beautiful and I love everyone” all the time. Sometimes it’s the exact opposite! You’re going to have to be ok being not okay sometimes. 

3.) I want to have fun so if you’re uptight, you’re probably not even reading this because all my cussing got you to get the fuck out. If I’m right, mission accomplished!

I’m here to help those who resonate with me and drive people who don’t, somewhere else. It’s literally better for everyone that way.

Embrace the Human Experience

While Expanding Your Consciousness

Ian’s Mission 

1.) I’ve come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass!..

2.) and I’m all out of bubble gum

3.) Oh! Also here to share the type of spiritual stuff to make life better. That I can do with or without bubble gum.

4) Profit?