You’re Enlightening.

Let’s be frank with one another. You’re going through an enlightening right now. This very second your consciousness is expanding, it’s growing, and your awareness is reaching out to new fronts that you still aren’t comprehending. Since this is all new territory you’re probably feeling somewhat confused about everything. Why does the world seem so violent and hateful? Are these people coming out of the woodworks? Why are politicians doing the opposite of what we want? What is happening in this world?

To top that all off you’re worried about making enough money to survive as you watch the price of rent skyrocket. At this point, marriage is probably the only option to buy a house in the future but the only reason you’d get a house is so your dog can have extra room to play. And buying a house takes you further from the city where your job is. Why is this world so difficult?

A baby boomer or Gen Xer is probably thinking “welcome to life!” And you’re thinking “Adulting sucks!”

Guess what! Adulting has absolutely nothing to do with any of the above. What’s happening is that your expanded consciousness is realizing the falsehoods that have been fed to you and those who are in a position of power are, as usual, doing what they can to take as much as possible to stay in power. If you, part of the largest generation of empowered souls on the planet, can get control of your life – they lose what they have.

Who’s they? Not you. That’s who. It really doesn’t need to be more complicated than that. It’s the people in control of how the world is being run right now. And here’s the thing, this isn’t some conspiracy theory crap. I’m talking about the people you might bump into at a local coffee shop or your boss. They’re not your enemy. They’re victims of a world that perpetuated hundreds of years of false beliefs. They’re literally surviving the best they can. But you, you’re different.

See, you’re in a space where your soul is expanding and integrating with you more every single day. You’re literally here to bring more light into the word. You’re here to make a positive change and leave a lasting impact on the planet. This is why you’re experiencing your enlightening. This is why you’re looking at the current ways of making a living and enjoying life as lacking something. It’s lacking your spirit. 

But if you’re bringing in more light, more divine energy, and more of your soul into your daily experience, why are you so confused? Because you don’t understand it yet. That’s it. When you begin to understand it, your growth increases exponentially in a way that flows naturally and effortlessly. You tap into abundance while enjoying your life and living in bliss.

Belief Numero Uno – Spiritual Growth = Better Life

The first belief I’d like you to consider is this: Making your spiritual growth your primary focus will lead to the best life available.

Does that mean you have to drop the materialistic world and sacrifice all you’ve worked for and meditate 14 hours a day? Hell to the no! If it did, I would not sign up for this journey. I’m still an American, come on! I love luxuries! I love champagne and brunch and bottomless mimosas!

Why will making your spiritual growth your primary focus be so powerful?

This world, as is being proven by science, runs from a vibratory state. That means your vibe runs your life. This is why we see so many people saying “good vibes only!” I agree with that.

Good vibes means positive vibes. To be more positive you have to add, or increase, your state. You increase your state by doing things that lead to joy, bliss, happiness, laughter, gratitude, health, etc. These are all good vibes, am I right? All of these states are considered “of love and light” because they are closely aligned with that source energy that has created all we experience. Most people call this energy God. Tomato tomato. I guess that expression doesn’t work quite so well written down.

Notice, just taking action that leads to more of these states in your life means you’re life experience is enhanced. Not only that, but you’re living a more spiritual life and you’re not doing anything funky.

Now here’s the thing, this is not considered spiritual growth yet. This is just a spiritual awareness of sorts. Imagine taking the best of all of those feelings and enhancing them. Imagine having a dial for bliss that’s all the way up to 10, and then you unlock a level 11, and 12, and 13. Would you not want to keep experiencing higher levels of that feeling?

This takes a focus on spiritual growth. You can stay at 10 if you like. Getting there is admirable. But to be the change in this world, we need to get you to increase your levels. You’re a trailblazer by taking this on. You’re creating the space and the example for others to follow in your footsteps. They’ll have to find their own way, follow their own path, but the energetic groundwork is being laid down by you.

So making your spiritual growth your primary focus will lead to the best life available.

Belief Numero Uno – Spiritual Growth = Better Life

The second belief I want you to consider: No one has all the answers so you’ll always be your best teacher.

As much as I wish I did, I don’t have all the answers. That means you may ask me a question one day and I’ll be like, “I have no idea.” Isn’t it great to think that? There is still more to learn!!! For all of us!

But while you’ll find a lot of answers out in the world, via an expert, there are many answers that you’ll only be able to find from within yourself. You’ll always be your greatest teacher. People that do work like me, we’re here as guides. We’re here to get you started. We’re here to get you back on track when you get stuck. We’re not saviors of any sort. We’re not messiahs. We’re not the final say in anything.

People like me have asked questions and learned subjects to help get you to where you’re going faster. We cleared the brush but you’re still a trailblazer. We can show you how to get to a certain point but past that, we become partners in the expansion of human consciousness and worldwide change.

So I see all my clients as future partners in the energetic work we’re here to do. And If we’re going to be partners, I want you at your best cuz I don’t fuck around when it comes to work. This is why the results I get from my clients are so much better than most other coaches. I don’t see them as income streams. But this isn’t a sales pitch so let’s get back on subject.

Once you begin working with a coach or advisor of some sort, you’ll become more aware of what works best for you and you can begin to expand on the practices that lead to more growth.

Belief Numero Tres – Spirituality And Abundance Go Hand In Hand

The more spiritual you become, the more abundant you become. In all things, not just financially. These two matters go hand in hand and it’s both logical and intuitive. If you’re feeling good about life, chances are you’re having all your needs met. That means rent is paid, bills are paid, you feel healthy, you’re in happy relationships, and you are having life experiences with loved ones regularly. All of that takes money right? So increasing those feelings leads to opportunities to increase your income so you can continue to grow and level up.

When you live in lack, in a survival state, you feel less and less of those higher vibe experiences. When you’re drowning in debt, and stress, and worry, and anxiety, you can’t experience the best life has to offer. And even if you did? You wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

There’s people out there that teach sound business practices and show you how to be conservative with your money for security. That’s all fine and dandy but if you want to really grow, you need to introduce some intuition into your life.

Have you ever had a gut feeling about something and ignored it? You’re thinking of a past lover right now aren’t you. You know you should’ve walked away but you ignored your gut instinct and now you’re like, “that’s never gonna happen again!”

Why not follow that gut instinct, that intuition, in all matter of life? Imagine allowing your intuition to guide you. Sometimes you’ll be saying “no” to things that look great and later you find out you avoided something horrible. Sometimes you’ll be saying “yes” to things that make no sense and you’ll find yourself growing massively from that decision.

Honing your intuition is one of the greatest feats you can ever commit to because it helps with every moment of your life.

Here’s the rub. Honing your intuition can be a challenge if you’re not getting help to begin with. But imagine having that connection, not living in confusion any longer, expanding your consciousness, improving your financial prosperity, and enjoying life to a greater degree. Sounds worth the shot doesn’t it?

These three beliefs, they are vital to helping you understand all of the junk happening in the world. They are the key to helping you step into your role on this planet. And using intuition is the tool that will help everything fall into place much faster. So start by feeling out how this article resonates with you. I left a lot of space throughout this writing for you to feel a truth. This truth is unique to you. What do you think it is?